Upcoming Shows!



I will be performing on the road and at home with Christopher Anton as his live keyboard player for the following dates:

  • 4/8/17 @Numbers Houston, TX with ANYTHING BOX
  • 5/4/17 @Funkmeyers RecRoom El Paso, TX with ANYTHING BOX
  • 8/4/17 @Revention Center (Formerly Verizon) Houston, TX with ALPHAVILLE

More possible dates to be confirmed soon…


Transcendent 7 – Now it’s My Turn Maxi-Single CD Tracklist


Label: Splendid Recordings           Release Date: February 27, 2017

1. Now it’s My Turn  (Datakon Remix)

2. Now it’s My Turn ( Radio Edit )

3. Now it’s My Turn ( People Theatre Remix )

4. Now it’s My Turn ( Original Mix )

5. Now it’s My Turn ( Nick James Mix)

6. Now it’s My Turn ( Get On It! Mix)

7. Now it’s My Turn ( RE:Active Echo Bass Mix)

Matt Willis Leaves Provision


                                                                              photo by Tig Bennett

3.22.16- Matt Willis Leaves Provision

Under the idea that everything has a beginning and an end, the time has come to for me to say goodbye. It was not a decision I made lightly but, I know that this is the correct course of action for me at this time as I move forward to pursue other goals and dreams.

I have met so many amazing people along this 7 year journey. I will be forever grateful for the friendships I have made along the way.

I can honestly say that I have given 110% as a member of Provision. I am really proud of the 2 albums that I made with the band during my tenure. I am eternally grateful to Breye and Jen for allowing me to put my DNA and fingerprints into the work itself. I want to thank my band mates both past and present, for sharing this journey together.

I enjoyed all the gigs we played together. I cannot believe how many shows! Check it out here: [Live Show History 2009-16] .

It was so much fun opening for so many great bands. I never dreamed that I would get to share the stage and get to open for most of my musical heroes. How cool is that?!

This will not be the last you hear of me musically. I feel that I still have a lot left in me. I plan keep at it just as I did before I was in Provision. I do not rule out the idea of collaborating and working with other artists, or bands in the future. I am keeping my options open moving forward.

Breye, Jen, and Carlos will always be in my heart forever. I want to wish them the very best in their creative endeavors, rather it be individually or collectively.

Most of all and in closing, I want to personally thank all the Provision fans around the world for all the love over the years. I’ve enjoyed every minute. Thanks for having me. I love you all!

For me, this is how it ends…


[Listen Here: Provision- How It Ends]